How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial cleaners are essential business partners to create happy, healthy work environments. Considerations should be made to offer a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner. Some employees may have allergic reactions to harsh chemicals or fumes. Search out Gainesville, FL, industrial cleaners for more information and pricing.

A good cleaning service will meet with business owners to walk the space to be cleaned. Discussions should include wiping down cubicles, thorough bathroom cleaning, and break room kitchen scrubbing. Conference rooms and waiting areas should be included in commercial cleaning plans. Vacuuming and dusting all office areas can decrease allergens and germs. Healthy work environments enable staff to use fewer sick days. Clean businesses instill confidence and professionalism. Polishing fixtures, awards, and frames will make office areas shine.

Choose a commercial cleaning service by looking for a company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. Request a free audit to assess the company’s attention to detail. When meeting with cleaners, make sure to share a business’s expectations for cleaning services. Consider the best time and schedule for cleaners to enter the business area; often, evenings or weekends work best. These times are slower for customers, and allow less interference with daily staff operations. Ask a service to provide references and past customer recommendations to assure a good company choice. Finding a company with several years of service can also limit risk and disappointment.

First impressions of an office can influence customers in a business relationship. Clean, clutter-free environments are most productive. When choosing Gainesville, FL, industrial cleaners, licensure, scheduling, and price are all important factors. An experienced company with attention to detail will result in high satisfaction for business owners. Thorough cleaning without harsh chemicals is likely to satisfy staff and create a healthy environment. Commercial cleaning services can be valuable partners in business operations if chosen wisely.

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